Substantial Victorian 14K Solid Yellow Gold Braided Link Collar Locket Chain, Three in One Multi-Purpose Statement Necklace, 33.5 Inches

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This extraordinary antique Victorian 14K solid yellow gold chain necklace is perhaps one of our best finds in recent years. The necklace features a three-section chain with graduated braided textured links that was typically seen in the late 19th century and is connected through three original thumb clasps.

If you look a bit further, you will notice that the chain has an extremely unique design: the entire necklace can be easily broken up by sections and worn separately by itself! The longest section: 17", can be worn as a choker; the two short sections: each 8.25", a bit smaller in link size compared to the longest section, can be worn as two bracelets.

There are so many different ways to wear this chain: 1) Wear three sections together as a 33.5" long layer chain (see the last image). 2) Wear the longest section (17") and two bracelets (see the first image). 3) Combine the two short sections together and wear as a choker (see the eighth image). 4) Combine the longest section and one of the short sections together forming a 25.25" medium length chain (I ran out of image space here, but I would be more than happy to provide an image upon request). The timeless design makes it stand on its own, or play as the perfect accompaniment to your favorite locket or pendant.

* Video of this chain can be viewed on my Instagram (@memorystation2013) here, here, and here.  or via the following links:

The chain is unusual in its design, workmanship, and more importantly, the beautiful condition. Most Victorian book chains of this type that we now find in the market are either missing the extension chain and/or an original clasp or have been altered. But certainly not this piece!

Measurement: the entire necklace is 33.5" long. Approx. 9mm-10mm link width .

Metal: 14K unmarked but professionally tested.

Weight: approx. 89.2 grams.

Circa 1880s.

Condition: very good antique condition with wear, scratches, and small irregularity due to its age. One link appears to have less thickness compared to the rest, not very noticeable but mention to be accurate, possibly caused by manufacture. Please refer to the listing pictures for the general condition.

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