Antique Georgian French Regional Rose Cut Diamond Silver Cross Necklace, Stomacher, Flemish, Religious Charm Pendant

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This is an extremely old (~250-plus years!) and rare antique silver cross! Made in the Georgian Era, possibly from the Normandy area of France or Netherland (Flemish). This fascinating piece is a dream piece for the serious collector or appreciator of history and beauty alike.

The pendant is structured with three hinged elements featuring the classic foliate design. A similar example can be found in Victoria & Albert Museum (Museum number: 840-1901). The front highlights a total of 27 old cut diamonds (10 on the bottom; 17 on the top): two are table cut diamonds (the oldest cut of diamond), and the rest are rose cut diamonds and senailles set in closed-backed collets.

Note: Senaille is small diamond chip with a flat base and cut in an irregular shape, usually somewhat in the form of a simplified circular rose cut diamond. Such chips were used in jewelry for their effect rather then for their intrensic value. Source:

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Circa 1730s-1760s (early Georgian) (reign of Louis XV).

Origin: French.

Metal: Solid silver (unmarked but tested by jeweler), which is very typical for French antique cross from that period.

Measurement (all are approximate): Pendant Size: 2&1/4 long and wide; 1&1/2 long (just for the cross itself)

Gross Weight: 22.5 grams

Chain: 3.5-4mm link width; 29 inches wearable length.

Diamond measurement (all are approximate): there are 27 diamonds, which vary in size: two table cut diamonds (4.7mm x3mm; 3mmx2.8mm); four main rose cut diamonds (3.2mmx2.6mm, 3mmx2.6mm,v3mmx2.3mm, 3.1mmx2.5mm). The remaining diamonds are too small to measure. I am not able to provide the weight of the diamonds because they are all closed-back, which makes it virtually impossible to precisely gauge the diamonds. Please keep in mind that these diamonds are not measured, cut, or graded by today’s modern standards, but they have tons of antique charm that modern diamonds cannot be compared with.

Condition: very good antique condition with age appropriate wear, scratches, and patina. I believe this cross is originally a stomacher. As stomacher jewelry gradually phrased out of the trend, it was converted to a brooch during the Victorian Era as evidenced by a remaining pin catch and minor trace of solder. A silver chain was added to make it wearable as a pendant. Seen with magnification-- all of the diamonds have either inclusions, tiny chips & rough unpolished sides / edges (very typical for old cut diamonds in that period). All diamonds are securely set and appear to be original to the piece. Please refer to all the listing pictures for the general condition.

Overall, an extremely rare and charming piece of history!

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