Antique Edwardian Belle Époque 18K Yellow Gold Platinum Old Mine Cut European Cut Diamond Double Bow Pin Brooch Pendant

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This Edwardian double-bow diamond pin brooch pendant will absolutely take your breath away: As a classic example of Belle Époque jewelry made in the early 20th century, this stunning brooch features a mix of high quality old mine cut and old European cut diamonds set with solid platinum on top of 18K yellow gold. It has a total of 40 old mine cut and old European cut diamonds ( 0.56 ct center diamond and 6.34 ctw total diamonds).

More amazingly, this brooch has two original built-in hoops at the top, which allows the brooch to be used as a pendant! It saves your pain (and guilt!) of brooch-to-pendant conversion:) *To convenience those whoever intends to wear it as a pendant, I added two gold filled jump rings to the built-in hoops and a 18" gold filled chain which can be easily taken on or off. The length of the chain can be customized by request.

This link shows a video of how to wear this brooch as a pendant (via my Instagram @memorystation2013). 

**Additional videos are available on my Instagram (@memorystation2013) or directly here and here.  

 For a detailed history and discussion of Belle Époque jewelry, click here

I have a photo copy of a professional appraisal done by an independent certified appraiser and it is available upon request at or before check out. This copy was provided by the prior owner. The original copy is missing but may be available upon request to the appraiser.

Measurement: approx. 1 & 9/16" x 1& 13/16".

Metal: platinum and 18KT gold (unmarked but tested).

Weight: The pin weighs 17.69 grams with a metal weight of 16.43 grams. It is estimated that the gold weight is 13 grams and the platinum weight is 3.43 grams.

Diamonds: The (center) diamond measures 5.16mm x 3.38mm and has a weight by formula of .56 carats. Clarity is SI-1 and color is H-I. The bottom center of the smaller bow has a bezel set diamond that measures 3.15mm x 2.34mm and weighs 0.14 carats. The larger bow is set with 16 diamonds. There are 10 that measure 3.5mm in diameter with depths ranging from 2.32mm to 2.5mm. Formulation gives the following results: There are 2 of 0.16cts, 2 of 0.19cts, 4 of 0.17cts, and 2 of 0.18cts. There are 2 measuring 3.0mm x 2.17mm weighing 0.12cts each and 4 measuring 2.5mm x 1.85mm weighing 0.07cts each. The smaller bow has 13 diamonds. There are 8 measuring 3.5mm in diameter with depths ranging from 2.36mm to 2.62mm. There are 4 of 0.18cts, 2 of .19cts and 2 of .20cts. The remaining 5 weigh approximately .07 cts each. There are two tassels with diamonds: One has 5 and the other has 4. The diamonds are set in square, hinged frames. The five diamond tassel has 4 of 3.5mm with depths of 2.5mm to 2.52mm and one of 3.0mm x 1.0mm. The weights are .14cts, .18cts, .19cts and .19cts. The 4 diamond tassel has one of .11cts, 2 of .18cts and 1 of .19cts. The total diamond weight of the pin is approximately 6.34cts. The clarity is VS-1/SI-1 and the color is H-I-J in the setting.

Circa 1900s-1910s.

Condition: very fine antique condition with age appropriate scratches, tarnish, and wear. All diamonds are present and very sparkly. The pin mechanism works properly. Please refer to the listing pictures for the general condition.

This is a precious heirloom piece, which you should not miss!

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