Reserved Large Antique 1900s 14K Gold Silver Dutch Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring, Engagement Ring, Cocktail Halo Flower Ring, Size 6.25-6.5

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This antique 14K yellow gold and silver Dutch rose cut diamond cluster ring is probably the most gorgeous antique rose cut diamond cluster ring that I have ever seen! It was part of my personal collection and now it is offered for sale.

The ring was made in Holland during the early 1900s. Crafted with 14K yellow gold and silver, it features a very large and high quality antique rose cut diamond in the center that really glows with tons of rainbow color sparkles. It is surrounded by 16 small rose cut diamonds as the "petals", forming a flower motif. All the diamonds are closed back set with silver and mounted on a 14K yellow gold gallery and finished with Rococo-revival style floral motif shank.

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Approx. Measurement / Specifics of diamonds:

Center diamond (1): it has a spread of approx. 9.8mm or the circumference of an 3.7 carat modern brilliant cut diamond, which the largest rose cut diamond that I have come across.  I  believe it's a double rose cut as I can see multiple facet conjunctions from the bottom under my loupe. This means, instead of having a flat bottom like conventional rose cut diamonds, double rose cut has a bottom that has a similar faceting and contour that mimics the top of the stone.  As a result, it could significantly increase or even double the carat weight of a same size conventional rose cut diamond.   Finally, the center stone is quite white and clean compared to many old rose cut stones that I have dealt with. Due to the foiled back, it's hard to accurately assess the carat weight, color and clarity. My educated guess is 2.2 ct, J color  SI clarity (more like SI1 than SI2 to me).

Surrounding diamonds (16): 2mm spread on average.

Rose cut is a primitive cutting method of diamond starting from the 16th century. For this reason, these old cut stones should not be measured or graded by today’s modern standards. But, they have tons of antique charm that modern diamonds cannot be compared with.

The face up dimension is approx. 16.35mm;

Mounting metal: 14K gold and silver (not marked but tested).

Size: 6.25-6.5

Manufacture method: handmade.

Weight : 6.1 grams.

Condition: very fine antique condition with minor age wear.

This is a precious heirloom piece, which can be a perfect engagement ring or gorgeous cocktail ring!

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