Antique Victorian Solid Gold Seed Pearl Oval Locket, Ornate Floral Metal Work, Circa 1880s

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This beautiful and romantic antique solid gold oval locket is from the mid-Victorian Era.

The front features an intricate and ornate floral decor with seed pearl highlights. The back is clean, so its perfect to add your personal engravings.

Opening from the side, it reveals one compartment by design with all the original components: one bezel ring and one glass cover. The glass cover truly indicates it was made at or before the turn of the 20th century. The compartment is perfect to put pressed flowers, your loved one's photo or another personal memento so you wear it close to your heart! Overall, this is a completely charming and romantic piece of history!

Metal: unmarked but tested as non-traditional 16k-17k solid gold with electronic tester and confirmed with acid (the bale and bezel frame tested at 14k). I believe the piece is meant to be made as 18k, but the alloy mixing in the old time was done manually and not as precise as today. So, slight deviations and variations from standard karat gold happened very often in these old pieces.

Circa 1880s.

Total weight: 13.9 grams.

Size: 2" end to end (1 & 5/16" just counting the oval part) long x 1" wide.

Condition: Very fine antique condition with normal wear appropriate for its age. All components are intact and original, including the bale, bezel frame, and glass. Firm and secure snap closure.

*The listing is for the locket only. The watch chain shown in the model picture is available through a different listing. If you need a chain, I would be happy to provide a 18" gold filled chain at no cost. The chain style varies depending on what is available in my inventory. Please send me a note at or before your checkout.

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