Classic Mikimoto Akoya Pearl Single Strand Necklace, 8mm-8.5mm, Hand Knotted, 18K Yellow Gold Pearl Clasp, 16 Inches

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This classic Mikimoto pearl strand necklace is a dream for those of you who are looking for a choker length pearl strand and love classic styles!

16" in length, 8mm - 8.5mm pearl size, Individually knotted. All the knots are still snug and in a great shape. More importantly, the pearls have a lovely peachy pink overtone, which is quite rare and lovely. Approx. 38.6 grams in gross weight.

It is connected with the original iconic 18k yellow gold pearl clasp and comes with the original Mikimoto red box. Original packaging doesn't come by often for estate pieces and it certainly increases its desirability and value.

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Mikimoto is well known for its use of top quality Akoya cultured pearls and strict quality control. For this reason, Mikimoto pearls are extremely popular among jewelry collectors. All the pearls have great luster, an even round shape, and a consistent peachy pink overtone throughout that are consistent with the highest quality standards of Miki pearls. And it's the second largest size of miki pearls that we have ever carried.

Things you should know about Mikimoto pearl strands:

Each size of Mikimoto pearl strands are always grouped by half millimeter, 5.5-6mm, 6-6.5mm, 7-7.5mm and on. Price will disproportionally increase by each size.

The maximum size of Mikimoto Akoya pearls are 9-10mm. This strand is 3 sizes below. 9-10mm strand usually costs 10k-30k or more, depending on length and condition.

Many people will experience sticker shock when it comes to 8mm plus size Miki because of the price jump due to their rarity. In fact, there are not many 8mm plus size genuine Mikimoto pearl strands, esp. those in original box in the market right now.

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